A loft conversion is rarely an utterly straightforward procedure; in most cases, beams will need to be added to the roof as well as the floor, to reinforce its strength. And bungalow loft conversions will require even more thinking. Most bungalows are built without internal load bearing walls (meaning that the walls are unable to handle the weight of an additional floor). However, this is usually fixed by underpinning the walls. The problem, however, is, that this means that bungalow loft conversions are a much more expensive venture to execute than a conversion to a standard two or three story house. It will also say that unlike with most loft conversions, planning permission will need to be obtained which can be time consuming and again, costly.

Is your loft suitable for conversion?

Not all lofts will be suitable for conversion into an additional room – mainly because the height of the attic is too low. The easiest way to tell if your attic is appropriate is to attempt to stand. If you can comfortably hold, and walk around a reasonable amount of the floor space, then your loft should be suitable for conversion.

Want do you want?

There is no need to state that both loft conversions and bungalow loft conversions are essential jobs. Therefore you need to sure that you are happy with the plans and that these plans are made clear to your builder, since depending on what you choose, it may be tough to go back on the progress made.

Do you have space for it?

While we might all dream of a new three bedroomed palace, the reality of both loft conversions and bungalow loft conversions are that we are usually very limited in space. Therefore, if you want to include more than one additional room, you need to be sure that the loft space will allow for both of these to be of a reasonable size – in most cases one larger room will be more beneficial than two tiny rooms. Also, if you are planning on incorporating an additional bathroom into your loft conversion, you need to be stringent about what facilities you can fit in there. There is little point having a fully equipped en-suite if the bedroom attached is going to be minute. Therefore, consider installing a shower instead of a bath, or if space is still too small, only a toilet and washbasin.

Research your builder’s credentials

It’s common knowledge that there are many dodgy builders ready to take your money and leave you with a low or unfinished job. Thankfully, the internet has made it very simple to ascertain the credentials of any business, workman, and anything in-between. A simple Google search for something such as ‘loft conversions Birmingham’ should reveal a list of local builders, along with some reviews to ensure that they are reputable and trustworthy.